About the game

“One of the most interesting and controversial periods in Brazilian History (…) (The game) brings a little of that context, with fun and the possibility of sharing content online.” Kao Tokio (Gamestorming)

Cangaço, the newest release by Sertão Games, is an epic adventure depicting the life of the Cangaceiros, the outlaws that ruled the backlands of Brazilian Northeast in the early 20th century.

In this amazing Brazilian game, you will control the fate of 3 heroic characters and their bands: a male outlaw (Cangaceiro), a female outlaw (Cangaceira) and a police captain (Volante) in an adventure full of intrigue and survival in the arid lands of Sertão (the barren backcountry of Northeastern Brazil).

In the beginning of the last century, when the story unfolds, there were certain types of individuals that you would be sure to find in the Northeast of Brazil. That naturally allowed the creation of memorable characters for the game, such as the intellectual Goat, the crazy Priest, a vengeful Colonel, among others.

Cangaço was created and narrated totally in Portuguese, with alternative versions in English and Spanish. It is a Brazilian production that will take you through time and space to live this incredible piece of Brazilian culture.
personagens-screenshotBesides the single player campaign, the player can challenge friends in real-time online battles, save the campaign progress in the cloud to play on any computer, and even create personalised campaigns, maps, units and items to play and share with other players.

Cangaço has several remarkable and unique features, out of which we highlight the original use of analog textures, made by hand with color pencils and applied to the 3D models of the game.

Another important highlight is the original soundtrack (OST) that brings 25 new songs composed specially for each map and character. Let the music from the Northeast of Brazil flood your ears and set the mood for battle!