A game full of memorable characters

Cangaço is an action and strategy game that will transport you to the arid and cruel Brazilian Northeast of the early 20th century, where outlaws were heroes protected by locals and fought the police who tried to exterminate them. It was created and narrated totally in Portuguese, with alternative versions in English and Spanish, to give you a taste of this unforgettable era in Brazilian history and culture.

Pick your side

Be prepared to brave the dry and dangerous lands of Sertão, and use the barren landscape against your enemy. In your adventure in Cangaço, you can choose to be a male outlaw (Cangaceiro), a female outlaw (Cangaceira) or the police (Volante) – three exciting campaigns that intertwine. Whoever you choose, don’t forget to get some strong blessings from the local priest before going to battle!

Great variety of settings

Survive the grueling and inhospitable landscape of the Brazilian Northeast’s Caatinga and use its diverse scenery to your favor during the epic battles you will fight.


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